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Are You Under Too Much Stress - 3 Signs To Be Aware Of
While stress doesn't affect sufferers in the same ways - for instance, there are those who will become irritable and those who will isolate themselves from society - there are symptoms shared by each sufferer. These three major stress signs will enable you to quickly identify stress and its related illnesses.

1. Exhaustion. When you're in an episode of stress, it is akin to being in the fight-or-flight mode when confronted with danger. Normally, this state ends once the threat has gone. However, when you're under stress for weeks or months, you are remaining in the fight-or-flee state which takes a heavy toll on your mental and physical states making recovery very hard. This is one reason why sufferers can feel exhausted even if they've slept for the usual eight hours. This brings us perfectly into the next major stress symptom.

2. Disrupted sleep patterns. Sleeping patterns can be disrupted in two different ways although lots of sufferers go through both. The first is that you are unable to sleep or you continually wake up. It doesn't matter if you're totally dog-tired, restful sleep simply doesn't occur. Sleeping too much, sometimes even for a whole day, is the second way your sleep can be affected. And sleeping for such long periods doesn't make you feel any less exhausted. What happened to me was that I couldn't sleep through the working week yet I'd sleep for 12 hours a day at the weekend and would still feel crushingly tired and stress may affect you in the same way. A young woman I used to know would sleep for nearly the whole weekend in her darkened little bedroom. It made no difference at all to the fatigue.

3. Body Strain. As well as psychological symptoms, there are physical signs of stress and stressful illnesses that every sufferer will endure. The most common physical symptom is a headache, including migraine. The only time I've ever had migraines came when I entered into anxiety. Fortunately, as soon as you get stressful illnesses successfully treated, these aches will vanish. Muscle pains especially in your legs making you fidgety along with back pain are other physical symptoms to watch for. As with headaches, these aches will clear when you've got stressful illnesses under control.

These are the three most common signs of stress but there are many more symptoms. If you're suffering these and other symptoms of stressful illnesses, then these simple, effective stress management activities will help you enjoy fast, natural relief.


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